Friday, July 22, 2011

Floyd Anderson Interviewed on Inside the Eye

Dennis Fetcho aka The Fetch

The Fetch had me on his show Inside the Eye for three 30 minute audio segments. We discussed our days at the Guerilla News Network and our first hand experience of reality suppression and manipulation through lies, bullying, intimidation, trolling and banning, and the connection to the topics of 9/11, Zionism, Israel, and Mind War.

The interviews are available for listening at his website The Illuminatus Observor.

It was an enjoyable and entertaining talk and I fully appreciate his perspective and support over the years. He lives in Amman, Jordan and has a greater sense of the reality of what the Israeli-American war machine is doing to the Middle East than most of us in Western Civilization.

The Fetch asked me about Austin, the alternative media, my internet and film work, and the direction I went in after my filming of Lucus' profound presentation at Brave New Books.

Dennis and I went on to further discuss the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, and then got into the areas of 9/11 Synchronicities, UFOs, and Aliens.

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