Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Floyd Anderson Podcast 2/17/2010: The Denver Airport

Filming Lucus' Brave New Books presentation on 1/27/2010 inspired me to start this podcast. I've done a few episodes now, and this 2/17/2010 show is the first one I created.

Lucus at Brave New Books, Planet X, Nibiru, Destroyer Star, Wormwood, Denver Airport, The Freemasons, The Nazis, Underground Facilities, A Coming Catastrophe, Flooding, Binary Solar System, The CIA, NORTHCOM, NORAD, Queen Elizabeth II, Reptilian Aliens, The New World Order

Music: Pink Floyd – Pigs, Pink Floyd – Bring The Boys Back Home, Paul Oakenfold Featuring Hunter S. Thompson – Nixon’s Spirit, Pink Floyd – Two Suns In The Sunset, The Doors – Break On Through

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