Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNN: Scientists, Telescope Hunt Massive Hidden Object in Space

CNN: Scientists, Telescope Hunt Massive Hidden Object in Space

Some scientists think a brown dwarf or gas giant bigger than Jupiter could be at the outer reaches of the solar system. In this image showing relative size, the white object at the upper left edge represents the sun.

Jim Kavanagh
February 15th, 2011

You know how you sometimes can sense that something is present even though you can't see it? Well, astronomers are getting that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space.

And when we say giant, we mean GIANT.

Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system, far beyond Pluto. The theoretical object, dubbed Tyche, is estimated to be four times the size of Jupiter and 15,000 times farther from the sun than Earth, according to a story in the British paper The Independent.
To distinguish it from the Nemesis star theory, Matese and Whitmire are calling their object Tyche, after the good sister of the goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology.


Scientists Hunt for Massive Hidden Object in Space

The name Tyche is very similar to Tycus, the name of the 2000 movie about a comet headed for earth.

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